Blossom Soft

Blossom Soft is a Canadian video game studio. They are best known for the Western Lords and Eternal Eden series. They are one of North America’s up and coming small studio’s, specializing in console style RPGs

History Edit

Western Lords

Western Lords

Blossom Soft was founded in 2004 by Elder Prince. Their first product was a Game Boy Advance role-playing game called Western Lords. It was released in February 2006. Western Lords was praised for its El Dorado inspired plot-line and it’s hybrid Latin American/ Old American Western style setting. In May 2006, Blossom Soft started work on two projects. One was a sequel to Western Lords for the Game Boy Nitro called Sagrada Guardians. The other was an RPG loosely inspired by the Book of Genesis for Revolution eShop called Eternal Eden.Sagrada Guardians came out In July 2008 and Eternal Eden came out the following October.  The critics loved the artwork and music of both Blossom Soft’s 2008 released games.  Eternal Eden’s story was praised for its themes of paradise lost and redemption.  In 2009 Blossom Soft released the modestly successful Eshop platform game Dream Shaper.  In 2011 Blossom Soft released the Phantasy Star inspired RPG, Stellar Rangers.  It received good reviews but it did not get as much praise as a similar game from Studio Archcraft called Astro Crusade.  Blossom Soft also released a 3DS version of Enteral Eden that they  developed with Nicalis in 2011. A sequel to Eternal Eden was released on the 3DS in May 2013.  The game’s plot line was inspired by the book of Exodus.  Eternal Eden 2 is Blossom Soft’s most successful game to date.  Blossom soft next game was an action RPG for stream called  Excalibur Emergences. It was released February 2015 2015. BloosmSoft released a survival horror game callled project dechentreiter. Enteral eden 3 was realsed December 20th 2019. While Enteral Eden was based on the book of genisis and enternal eden two was based on Exodus Enteral Eden 3 was based on the book of revulation

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